Total Rewards

Human Resources and Compensation Professionals in best practice organizations know that when it comes to attracting, retaining, motivating and developing people, it is never “all about the money”. In fact, to be a “Best Practice” employer, it is often the combination of low cost/high impact elements that differentiate a great employer from an undesirable employer.

The notion of Total Rewards acknowledges that employees are looking for a working relationship that includes competitive pay and benefits, work life balance, rewards and recognition, career and ongoing learning and development. Too often, rewards programs are fragmented, and even sending mixed messages to employees about what the organization expects. Or, they are not cost effective – money is spent on programs that are not valued or used by employees. A holistic approach to total rewards can help to direct the organization’s expenditures on the programs that are most valued by employees and

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HRP will audit your programs to identify opportunities to further improve the value and alignment with the organization’s strategic direction and to with an Employee Branding Strategy.

HRP will assist clients in building a business case for Total Reward Management that is aligned with the current reality as well as anticipated future changes in direction of the organization – its mission, vision, values, and culture. We work with you to develop total rewards programs that make the most effective use of pay, incentives, benefits, short term and long term incentives, working environment.