HRP's consulting experience goes back to when the legislation was enacted in Ontario in 1988. We bring extensive seasoned experience in pay equity consulting to support our clients as they develop, implement, maintain, audit, and reconstruct pay equity plans to ensure compliance with pay equity legislation. Our consultants have worked in non-union settings, as well as with joint union management settings and employees covered unions such as: CUPE, OPSEU, CAW, UNIFOR, ONA, and IBEW.

HRP has developed a specific expertise in Pay Equity and follows a clearly defined process that uses tested tools and methodologies that are pay equity compliance, including:

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  • Gender Neutral, pay equity compliant Job Evaluation Plans and supporting Job Analysis Questionnaire. These tools are also used to build sound compensation programs
  • Gathering and documenting information
  • Conducting the pay equity analysis using job to job, proportional value (regression analysis) and proxy
  • Resolving pay equity gaps and issues
  • Developing pay equity plans
  • Responding to pay equity challenges and complaints
  • Providing support on Pay Equity Complaints and Pay Equity Audits involving Review Services Officers of the Pay Equity Commission
  • Deal with Review Officers and other representatives of the Pay Equity Commission