Job Evaluation and COMPENSATION

The job evaluation processes used by HRP support the needs of today’s organization. HRP works with our clients to develop a job evaluation process that supports the business strategy of the organization. Broadly defined, a job evaluation process may consist of any of the following:

  • Market Pricing as the primary method of developing a salary administration program
  • Point Factor Job Evaluation – supported by the HRP Job Evaluation Kit™
  • Job Families that are differentiated by level of skill and provide a career progression
  • Role Based Career Progression supported by Competency Development and Broad Banding

The HRP Point Factor “Kit” is designed to be a more broadly defined JE Process that values and measures the work carried out by roles in today’s organization, but in a broader context. It consists of a combination of proven tools and consulting support, such as:

  • A project management process – including a project charter, work breakdown structure, stakeholder analysis, role clarification, and project work plan
  • Tools to support the development of a Compensation Philosophy and Strategy
  • Communication and change management strategy
  • The “Core” HRP Point Factor Job Evaluation Plan, which includes defined factors, level descriptions and options on factor weightings. This plan may be modified and adapted to reflect the needs of the organization
  • The HRP Job Analysis Questionnaire that supports the job evaluation plan
  • Training for the Job Evaluation Committee
  • Market Pricing and design of a new Salary Administration Program
  • Development of policies and procedures to administer and maintain the program
  • A simplified Excel Spreadsheet to support the job evaluation process
  • Linkages with performance management, career development, incentive compensation
  • Consulting and facilitation support from an expert in job evaluation, compensation, salary administration, performance management, organizational development, pay equity, and project management for Human Resources Professionals