HR Policies and Procedures

There are a wide range of Human Resource Policies and procedures that define corporate and legal expectations regarding the rights and responsibilities of employees and the employer. They are provided in written format through an Employee Handbook for employees and a Human Resource Policy Manual for Managers and Supervisors.

A well-defined Employee Handbook and Human Resource Policy Manual for Managers and Supervisors can:

  • Clarify expectations and prevent misunderstandings
  • Ensure consistent treatment of employees
  • Provide an easy reference manual for managers, supervisors and employees on a wide range of employment situations
  • Ensure legal requirements to communicate policies are met (i.e. Human Rights, Employment Standards etc.)
  • Prevent discrimination and violation of laws and regulations
  • Help to defend against employee lawsuits
HRP works with clients to develop new handbooks and/or policy manuals, or to bring existing handbooks and policy manuals up-to-date in meeting current organizational needs and objectives.