Human Resources Generalist Support – Start up and Small/Medium Business

HRP provides consulting support to organizations that are in a start-up mode, as well as small to medium sized organizations that do not have an internal human resource function.

For a start-up organization, it is critical to build human resource infrastructure—such as compensation, benefits, policies and procedures, role definitions, performance management, payroll, employee records. New employees are attracted to start up organizations due to the challenges and career opportunities provided. By having the appropriate human resource infrastructure in place, these employees can become productive faster, and the organization can minimize the risk of violating legislation related to human resource management.

The human resources of a large organization are not significantly different that a those of a smaller organization. Yet, smaller organizations do not have internal human resource professionals and rely upon their leaders and managers to carry out the human resource mandate as part of their ongoing leadership responsiblities. HRP can provide the “subject-matter” expertise and tools to managers in carrying out their human resource accountabilities within their work team.