Sandra Weeks is the author of the following Thompson Carswell publications:

  • HR Managers Guide to Project Management
  • The main objective of this book is to provide the Human Resources manager with the basic principles and tools associated with project management. These are explained in such a manner that they may be applied to the range of specialized human resources projects that may be carried out within an organization. The book is written by a Human Resources professional in a style that is intended to be user-friendly to a Human Resources professional. It serves to de-mystify some of the more technical terms associated with project management, and to put them into a context that is relatively easy for the HR professional to apply in carrying out his or her day-to-day accountabilities. It assumes little to no prior knowledge of project management. It also assumes that the Human Resources professional may be involved in two types of projects within an organization. The first type is those projects that are focused on a human resources initiative and require the application of a human resources body of knowledge. In these projects, the Human Resources professional would apply project management skills to managing the project. The second type is large, organization-wide projects that are managed by an interdisciplinary Project Manager (PMI). In these projects, the Human Resources professional would be considered a team member, with a subject matter expertise in human resources management.
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  • Best Practices: Performance Management
  • Employee performance is what drives business. Discover how other employers have designed appraisal forms and used performance management to motivate employees toward their organizations' strategic goals. The need for an effective performance management system has never been greater than it is shaping up to be in the next decade, making this manual a must-have tool. This in-depth, practical how-to volume takes the tedium, time and uncertainty out of the process of designing and writing appraisals.
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  • Best Practices: Organizational Development
  • As an HR professional, it is becoming ever more important for you to put processes in place for developing an organization to be more effective at accomplishing its desired goals. This involves changing people and organizations for positive growth. Organizational development is the term used to describe the way you can alter corporate culture in order to develop effective teams, good communication and greater productivity from your organization. Organizational development involves group dynamics, psychological evaluation methods, organizational design and workflow methods, plus a good deal of creativity and flexibility on the part of the initiator. There is no "magic bullet" that will work for every organization, so case studies and "best practices" are much-sought after by HR practitioners. This is a must-have guide for all HR professionals striving to establish their organization as a "best practice" employer of choice.
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