Recruitment & Selection Process

An organization's investment in people resources starts with a recruitment and selection process that attracts the "right" people for the "right "role or position at the "right" time.

Employers must utilize the most effective and creative recruitment processes to ensure they use the most effective and efficient "best practices" in recruitment and selection. The HRP Recruitment and Selection Kit ™ includes.

  • Process Flow Chart for the entire interviewing and selection process
  • Recruitment and Selection Policies and Procedures
  • Advertising – Internet, Job Posting etc.
  • Interviewing Skills of Hiring Managers
  • Identifying job requirements and behavioural competencies
  • Employment Application Forms
  • Interview Guides
  • Reference Checks
  • Offer Letter
  • Using On-Line Assessments
  • Targeted behavioural Interviewing Guides
  • Worksheet to make Hiring Decisions
  • Dealing with Diverse Candidates
  • Process Flow Chart for the Orientation Process
  • New Employee Checklist